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Australian Labradoodles


Australian labradoodles are amazing dogs with a very interesting history.
It all started in the 80-ties. To be precise in 1988. The history is strongly connected to the Australian continent.

Labradoodle as a guide
Once, a woman from Hawaii, because of her worsening eye conditions, indicated the need of a service dog. The case was rather complicated as her husband was suffering from different kinds of allergies. In order to help the lady, Wally Conron, representative of Royal Victorian Guide Dogs Association in Australia crossed two breeds together – Labrador and Poodle. That experiment ended up in the deliverance of 3 puppies. However, only one of them had the characteristics of a good service dog as well as allergy friendly potential. He was sent to Hawaii and was accepted by the couple. It is said that as a 10 year old dog he was still servicing the lady.

The Authentic Australian Labradoodle

The first experiments resulted in further working on the breed. Research on the further development was continued by two research centers – Rutland Manor Breeding and Research Centre and Tegan Park Research and Breeding Centre. The goal was to breed healthy dogs with hypoalergic potential and willingness to serve people. The dog was supposed to be non-shedding and odour free. In both centers the breeding program concentrated on healthy animals only. Years of careful selection resulted in what we find today as the Authentic Australian Labradoodle.

Infusions in the labradoodle breed

However, it is wise to remember that Authentic Australian Labradoodle is not a first cross between labrador and poodle (called F1). Through many years of selection the blood of the dog was enriched with the following infusions (only for certain purpose and at a certain time)

  • Irish Water Spaniel (to eliminate possible genetic diseases)

  • English and American Cocker Spaniel (to make the size smaller)

  • Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (to make the hair less curly and easier to maintain as well as to solve ear infection problems0

After that, the process of development of the labradoodle pupies was finished. No further infusions are needed.

Australian Labradoodles
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