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Foster Family Program

Sometimes it so happens that the farmer can have more of the dogs, an example of this might be to have two males.
To avoid a lot of unpleasant situations, for example the marking of territory or an increase in heat of the females, a good solution might be putting a dog under the care of a foster family.
Each dog requires time and dedication by the people around it. Therefore, the more dogs there are, the less attention we may be able to offer our furry friend.
The idea of a foster family is that it cares for the pet throughout its life although the the breeder is its “owner „. The owner is in charge of overseeing the reproductive process unless the foster family is given permission to get involved in this process.
The code of ethics Alfa Europe says every breeder should be committed to promote the “foster families” programm. It is one of the many legitimate and appropriate guidelines imposed by the organization, which was founded for the sake of the good and happiness of your dog and the proper development of the breed.

Australian Labradoodles
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