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We are currently accepting reservations for the 2019 autumn-winter litter.

MILA & DONIC will be the happy parents of puppies.

Both are registered as breeding dogs at ALFA EUROPE (see the registration page for our Australian Labradoodles ).

Our dogs have been tested for progressive retinal atrophy (no carrier state) and for dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints (free from dysplasia).

We consider the socialization of puppies as one of the most important elements in shaping the dog's psyche.

We have many years of experience in this matter, however, we are constantly expanding our knowledge and gaining new experience on puppies socialization. We are convinced that only proper socialization of puppies - in accordance with the critical period and other phases of their development* - will provide them proper development and prepare them for further work with the owners.

Socialization in our breeding includes:

• early neurological stimulation of puppies
• diaphragm exercises so that no puppy would have travel sickness
• works involving all the senses of the dog: touch, smell, hearing, taste, sight
• familiarizing dogs with various sounds: storms, fireworks, traffic, crying children, etc.
• getting puppies accustomed to strange and urgent situations (falling objects, surprising situations)
• getting puppies accustomed to different people (even those dressed in strange clothes)
• getting puppies used to other dogs
• first obedience trainings
• getting puppies used to change in the environment
All trainings will be conducted in a dog-friendly atmosphere.
Well-planned and carefully implemented puppy socialization is the easiest and most effective way to have a balanced and safe dog.
The time of socialization is the time to show the dog "the whole world".

Australian Labradoodles
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