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Our interest in Australian Labradoodles developed few years ago. The reason of it was (as in the most cases) the     problem of allergies in our family. Allergy occurred quite suddenly and it meant a real problem for us. We love dogs but not all of them can live with us. We have always had dogs and we can’t imagine our life without them. That was the reason why we started searching for the dog that does not shed and who has a coat which does not cause allergy.

We love labradors therefore we have started searching for the breed of a similar temperament and size. We have been browsing through many different websites and accidentally we found the Australian Labradoodle. It was like a dream come true – allergy friendly coat with no undercoat and doggy smell. Another important news for us was the potential of the breed to be the service and therapy dog.

We started reading about the breed and the more we read the more we were convinced it is the right breed for our family. First information that we gathered were the ones we found on the website of polish breeder Wlochata Pasja, Beverley Manners of Rutland Manor from Australia and other websites devoted to the beloved breed.

We found out that except for their allergy friendliness and beautiful looks Australian Labradoodles are very intelligent, healthy and very friendly dogs. They are ideal companion for the adults as well as for children (especially for those prone to allergies or asthma).

In a short time Codi appeared, then Gala, a moment later Mila and Lusi...

It was the beginning of our adventure with the Australian Labradoodle.

Currently, in addition to running a breeding, I learn in the field of dog therapy. Seeing the amazing potential of Australian Labradoodles to work with people, I realize my dream and develop in this direction. I am a volunteer and I co-run classes with our dogs in various centres. Our dogs bring a smile to people who are often very sad. This is a very motivating and fascinating experience for me.

The Australian Labradoodles, in addition to their hypoallergenic properties, are above all a very intelligent, healthy breed with a friendly temperament. They are ideal companions for both children and adults – and especially for those struggling with allergy or asthma problems. Initially, they were bred as a guide dogs. They are friendly and very sociable, that is why they perform well as a family dogs.

Australian Labradoodles
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