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Kudłaty Czar Friendly

Lusi is the daughter of Codi & Benji. She is a girl who inherited the best qualities from her parents. Lusi is a calm and a cheerful dog who loves hugging. Like her dad, she has therapeutic abilities and she is gentle and intelligent like her mother. I am very proud that she was the best at obedience training.

Doodlehof's Happy

Peako - is an Australian Labradoodle who arrived from the Netherlands. Peako is a very cheery, energetic dog. He is a therapeutic dog and he needs a close contact with a human being. He is a dog who does not like to get bored. He loves to sniff, that is why he is great with nose work. Peako is our treasure hunter.

Kudłaty Czar Friendly

Rafa - is also the daughter of Codi & Benji. Rafa is a very cheerful and entertaining girl. She is always ready to have fun - during the day and night. Rafa lives in a foster family near us and she is a family therapist there. Well, I must admit that she has stolen the hearts of the whole family, of which I am very happy.

Kudłaty Czar Delightful

smiling little Mila is our first "dog child" - I mean the puppy that was born in our breeding and who is with us from birth. Our Mila is a very happy dog. She is always willing to play, fetch and hug. With her behaviour and look she can entertain the greatest sadness.

Włochata Pasja Delicate

Gala is a girl who joined us almost a year after our Codi. She is an Australian Labradoodle perfect for therapeutic purposes. She is very much focused on people. We used to visit the kindergartens with Gala - we wanted her to be stroked by children. Many of her puppies work in dog therapy, which makes us very happy.

Włochata Pasja Charming

Codi is our long-awaited Australian Labradoodle. She appeared at our home in winter 2010. Codi is the favourite of all our guests. She is endowed with incredible innate intelligence. She can analyse situations that have occurred and predict to what effects they can lead. It is said that the dog lives here and now, but Codi is definitely the exception to this rule. This is an extremely clever dog. Codi is a working Australian Labradoodle, she loves to solve various puzzles as well as to fetch. Codi is currently on a well-deserved "retirement".

Australian Labradoodles
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